About 'RED HAND'

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Three people -- a man with the power to heal, his interpreter (since he can’t speak) and a soldier to protect them, are sent from the future to rescue a tech genius who is pivotal in saving the Native American race.


They are helped by an eccentric, psychic artist who has foreseen them coming and has drawn comic books about the man he calls Red Hand, which have built a loyal fan base of believers ready and waiting.


But time is running out, the men only have 48 hours to accomplish their mission, and an evil officer has also been sent from the future to destroy them.


And that leaves the fate of all Native people hanging in the balance. Because as it turns out, the prophecy is real -- and the future must be rewritten.

Written, Produced and Directed by: Rodrick Pocowatchit

Executive Producers: Deanie Eaton, Claudia Little Axe and Troy Little Axe

Co-producer: Bryon Burkhead 

Cast: Bryon Burkhead, Rodrick Pocowatchit, Delno Ebie, Randall Aviks, Brett Patrik, Damian Padilla, Mark Anderson, Lindsey Seidl

Director of Photography:  James Rhiley

Assistant director: BJ Hatter

Production designer/make-up: Megan Ballway

Genre:  Sci-fi adventure/comedy​


80 minutes

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