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Written and Directed by:  Rodrick Pocowatchit

Produced by:  Deanie Eaton and Rodrick Pocowatchit

Cast: Rodrick Pocowatchit, Guy Ray Pocowatchit, TJ Williams, Randall Aviks

Genre:  Zombie comedy/drama; 97 min.


The world's first Native American zombie movie (that we know of)! 

THE DEAD CAN'T DANCE follows three Native American men who discover they are somehow immune to a virus that is killing everyone else and turning them into zombies. The men get stranded in the middle of Kansas, seek refuge in a remote school and must put aside their petty differences to survive the macabre night.

Made in Kansas, the film is a testament to Wichita's film-loving community. More than 150 extras were used in the film, which was shot in 2009 over the course of four months.

The film has played at film festivals across America and won numerous awards. It was nominated for Best Director and Best Actor (Rodrick Pocowatchit) at the renowned American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, and has been featured on such zombie fan sites as Buyzombie.com and the Zombie Movie Database.


Written and Directed by:  Rodrick Pocowatchit

Cast:  Rodrick Pocowatchit, Brett Patrick, Randall Aviks

Genre:  Comedy


A job applicant finds a glaring omission on the job application. Currently playing at festivals!

An official selection of the American Indian FIlm Festival in San Francisco, L.A. SkinsFest in Los Angeles, First Nations Film & Video Festival in Chicago, Red Fork Film Festival in Tulsa, the Holba' Pisachi' Film Festival at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, OK, and Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian's Native Cinema Showcase in Santa Fe, NM.

Written and Directed by:  Rodrick Pocowatchit

Producer:  Curtis Bridenstine  Executive Producers:  Ian Skorodin and Patricia Gomes

Cast: Noah Watts, Ross Crain, Jason Paul Evans and DeLanna Studi

Genre:  Short/sci-fi/drama; 10 min.

The year is 2064. After the war. In a future where only one utilitarian race -- known as The Nation -- is recognized, a what-used-to-be-called "Native American" man is imprisoned for studying his ancient tribal ways. He longs for his lost love while being tortured to reveal an underground network of rebels trying to preserve their fading culture.

The film is the result of a Directing Fellowship presented by L.A. Skins Fest and sponsored by CBS. Writer/Director Rodrick Pocowatchit was chosen to attend an intensive directing workshop in Los Angeles and developed his script with the assistance and guidance of the Writers Guild of America-West. 

Pocowatchit and two other director fellows then competed in a 48-Hour Shootout Competition during the 2013 L.A. Skins Fest film festival in Los Angeles, where they made the short films they workshopped. Judging happened after the films were screened, and "The Burden of Being" won first place!


Special thanks to  L.A. Skins Fest, SAG-AFTRA and the Writers Guild of America-West for their cooperation and support in the making of this film. Thanks to CBS for their support, also.

Written and Directed by:  Rodrick Pocowatchit

Executive Producers:  Deanie Eaton and Kevin Klassen

Cast: Guy Ray Pocowatchit, Mark Wells, Jill Chittum and Rodrick Pocowatchit

Genre:  Comedy/Drama/Road movie​


This film was developed with the assistance of the Sundance Institute, and follows Dean, Joey and Mark, three Native American friends who are more like brothers. They're on the road to a powwow, but each is on his own personal journey.

Unable to overcome grief since the death of his mother, Dean won't participate in the traditional dances he once loved. Tired of being the screw-up with a big heart, Joey learns that he must rely on his own strengths. And always the hothead, Mark learns to overcome his prejudices and face his own identity.


When the guys unwillingly meet up with a wayward party girl, they get stranded on a lonely, deserted road in Kansas, where the sun is as unforgiving as their circumstances.


When tragedy strikes, Dean is forced to confront his fears and follow his heart home -- to the powwow world.

Dancing on the Moon honors the human spirit. It celebrates the power to be who we are. But, most of all, the power to believe in ourselves.


The movie screened at festivals across the U.S. (including the American Indian Film Festival in San Francisco, where director/writer/producer Rodrick Pocowatchit received a special jury award for promising newcomer), and in Canada, Italy and the Netherlands. The movie also was nominated for 3 American Indian L.A. Film and TV Awards, including Best Motion Picture (Guy Ray Pocowatchit won the award for Best Actor in a Film), and won the Audience Award for Best Narrative Feature at the Kansas International Film Festival in Kansas City.


Written and Directed by:  Rodrick Pocowatchit

Director of Photography:  Shawn Cunningham

Cast: Mark Wells, Guy Ray Pocowatchit, Rodrick Pocowatchit, Julie Brin

Genre:  Drama

Based on writer/director Rodrick Pocowatchit's first short film, SLEEPDANCER  follows Derek Smith (Mark Wells), a half-Native American coroner's investigator, as he stumbles upon the mysterious Tommy Jordan (Rodrick Pocowatchit), a Native man whose father has just passed away.

Tommy is vulnerable, fragile, and doesn't speak. Through a series of letters, Derek unravels Tommy's story, and becomes infatuated with helping him while his own relationship crumbles.


When Tommy's bitter, disillusioned brother, Ben (Guy Ray Pocowatchit), shows up unexpectedly, Derek finds himself in the middle of a family war with many casualties. But when Tommy seeks solace in his waking dreams, the unlikely friends Ben and Derek discover that a damaged soul finds a way of healing itself. But in order to forgive others, you must first forgive yourself.




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